Kalamkari Painting

The Untouched Tradition

As you know if you are a genuine seeker the any kind of boundaries can stop you from the “wanting to know”.

Similar case here, I was so amazed the hues of kalamkari arts has given; the rusty, the purest form of art in my perspective.

My arts are not stiff so realistic stiffness never convinced me. I always wanted to throw the life’s vibrancy to my canvas.

It was a great experience to be with the artisans of Sri Kalahasti, where the kalamkari painting has originated.

I really enjoy the process of Kalamkari and I give away the same knowledge in my Online and offline classes.

Also have a look through my Kalamkari Painting on a designer dress.

Kalamkari Painting by Kavitha Jetti




Years of research


Art Works Completed

The exuberance of life

Capturing the natures rhythm


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The Course

As I mentioned, the genuine seekers can join me to learn Kalamkari art form. I’m also a faculty at Pencil And Chai Fine Arts Gurukul & Sampratishta school of Fine Arts & Design.  

The Future Is For


Uniqueness can’t be produced by the machines, only human intelligence can. And will take no time to turn inwards and blossom our intelligence.

Let’s paint the world beautiful, naturally!